Irrigation systems

We specialize in the irrigation systems for the gardens, parks, public areas and fields for sport and leisure time. 


The automatic irrigation system currently becomes the part of the most ornamental gardens and lawns. We cannot imagine the garden, as a place for the fun and relaxation, without permanent green and lush lawn. As well as the lawn without the water. Reliable and modern automatic irrigation systems have a brand name HUNTER.  The entire pipe system with retractable sprinklers and electrical installation permanently under the ground therefore the stretching of the hoses is already the past. The irrigation is steady and it consumes only the necessary amount of water. One of the advantages is also the time saving that we usually dedicate to the manual watering. 


Landscaped parks and public areas are important part of each town or village. Maintenance of these areas is often difficult and expensive. Therefore the best assistants are automatic irrigation systems HUNTER. They help to save operating expenses, salaries for staff, they effectively use the water and are safely hidden from any thieves. Our wide selection of the sprinklers and elements of the control system enable a lot of alternative solutions.


Sport areas require the surface with high quality of lawns therefore it is important to deal with the question how to irrigate them. There are different demands on the maintenance put on the various grass surfaces that can only be met with the systems with special kinds of sprinklers and variable system. The example of these systems are HUNTER TURF and HUNTER GOLF. However, it is important to differentiate which sprinklers are suitable for green golf courses, which for football stadium or tennis court. The automatic control does not necessary need to be the wall control unit but use of PC with software in combination with the decoder systems has also its advantages. 

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